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Injectaclad: Innovative Fire Protection Technology from Orestone

At Orestone Fire Protection, we are leading developers of advanced fire safety solutions for the construction industry. Our intumescent fire barrier system, Injectaclad, is engineered to reinstate lost compartmentation within cavity walls and floors without disruption.

Constructed with acrylic graphite, Injectaclad expands when exposed to high temperatures, forming a thin yet highly fire-resistant barrier. Our patented pumped delivery system allows it to be injected into any wall or floor cavity through small access points. This blocks the spread of fire and contains smoke for up to 2 hours.

Rigorously Tested and Certified

Injectaclad has been rigorously tested to provide certified fire protection. It meets standards such as:

  • BS8414-1:2015+A1:2017

  • BSEN: 1366-4 up to 2hr integrity and insulation

  • Designed in line with ASFP Guidance TGD 19

This space-saving product takes up a fraction of the room compared to traditional fire barriers.

Expert Solution for New and Existing Buildings

Whether you are building new or renovating, Injectaclad makes achieving reliable, long-lasting fire safety simple. It addresses complex cavity risks that are easily overlooked yet can enable dangerous fire spread if left unresolved.

With over 15 years of experience, Orestone's specialist teams understand complex fire engineering. We assess each project to provide fully compliant Injectaclad solutions that protect lives and property.

Why Choose Injectaclad?

Key benefits of this innovative retrospective cavity barrier system:

  • Retroactive repair solution without disruption

  • Installation in gaps up to 200mm

  • Minimal disturbance to occupants

  • Works with insulation in place

  • Reduces façade removal needs

  • Quality assurance processes

  • High expansion properties

  • No adverse effects on building materials

  • Airtight and water resistant

Advanced Fire Protection

For advanced fire protection on your next construction project, contact the experts at Orestone Fire Protection to discuss utilising Injectaclad. Our innovative technology and engineering expertise provide the most effective fire safety solutions.

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