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A boarded system can be used on any structural steel and many types of soffits to provide or upgrade the fire rating.  These systems can be installed to achieve a fire rating of up to 240 minutes depending on what is required by building control or the project architect.  


There are many different board systems available to us and we have successfully installed each and every type of board system on many occasions.  We have boarded systems that not only offer a fire rating but can also have Enhanced Durability, High Acoustic Performance, High impact absorption and even bomb blast resistance.



The rigid board systems that we install are moisture tolerant, durable and have a high impact resistance. Because of this, they can often be installed in semi-exposed site conditions giving us the advantage of protecting the structural steelwork and finishing our works on site prior to many of the other trades starting on site.


There are many different types of boards and many of these boards come in varying thicknesses. The thickness of the board will be determined by the size and shape of the steelwork, period of fire protection required etc and Orestone FP are able to assess these conditions and suggest the most cost effective system to satisfy all the above criteria.  We often perform site visits to obtain the information we need (if this information is not available in the enquiry documentation) to ensure the best system is being proposed to our clients from the start.



Mineral boards are a lighter product than the rigid boards we use and due to this can be installed at a faster rate by the fitters on site and can result in a reduction of installation costs.

Mineral boards do not have the same durability benefits as the rigid boards and are therefore not suitable for all types of application on-site, but Orestone FP have been using these boards correctly for many years and we are able to use our knowledge of the products we use to ensure that our clients get the best possible product for each type of installation and in the most cost effective way.

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