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Orestone Fire Protection Ltd specialises in installing Injectaclad, an innovative intumescent fire barrier ideal for reinstating lost compartmentation within building façades. As quality approved installers, we expertly address the overlooked fire risks posed by hidden cavities.

Injectaclad is constructed using acrylic graphite which expands when exposed to high heat. Our patented pumped delivery system allows it to be injected into any wall or floor cavity through small access holes without disruption. It forms a thin yet highly fire-resistant barrier that blocks the spread of fire and contains smoke. Rigorously tested, Injectaclad provides certified fire protection for up to 2 hours.

With a space-saving profile and advanced engineering, Injectaclad makes achieving reliable, long-lasting fire safety simple, protecting lives and property. It is the ideal solution whether you are building new or renovating.

With over 15 years of experience, Orestone's specialist teams understand complex fire engineering. We assess each project to provide fully compliant solutions.

Contact Jack Bielby, our Director of Operations, to discuss implementing Injectaclad's groundbreaking technology on your next construction project. We would be happy to assess your needs and provide a competitive quote.


Tel: 07789 994218



Why Injectaclad?

  • A retroactive cavity barrier repair system

  • It can be installed within gaps up to 200 mm in width

  • A minimal amount of disruption to building occupants

  • Fire tested in accordance with BS8414-1:2015+A1:2017 in June 2017

  • Tested to BSEN: 1366-4 up to 2hr integrity and insulation

  • Tests designed in the style of ASFP Guidance TGD 19

  • Multi-level simultaneous and rapid installation

  • Installation both vertically and horizontally

  • Suitable for the construction of uneven and irregular cavities

  • Works with PIR insulation left in place

  • Reduces the need to remove external façade systems

  • Several quality assurance processes are in place for the signing off of installations

  • High expansion properties

  • Known to have no adverse effects on plastics, sheathings, or metallic components

  • Gas, water, smoke, and airtight

  • Virus and fungus resistant

  • Odourless and water soluble

  • It can be overpainted

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