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Today, many buildings in the UK have unused loft spaces and voids above ceilings that may need a fire barrier or fire curtain to prevent the passage of fire and smoke through these open concealed areas.


The blankets and curtains we use offer a period of fire protection from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes and also an insulation period of up to 60 minutes as well depending on the building control or architects' requirements. Orestone FP are here to help guide you through all the various barriers and curtain options to ensure we propose the best system to use to meet your requirements.


Orestone FP have installed many fire barriers in instances where access is sometimes very difficult.  As with all the products we install, all of our work is installed exactly as per the various manufacturers recommendations and undergo stringent quality checks to ensure that they work as designed in the event of a fire.  


If you are in need of a cavity barrier of any description contact us at the office to discuss your needs.

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