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The filling of the voids in the walls and floors around service penetrations on site is commonly referred to as Fire Stopping.  This process ensures the integrity of the fire compartmentation is maintained during the installation of necessary mechanical and electrical services throughout the life of a building.  


Fire stopping is a key factor in ensuring the integrity of a building if a fire situation were to arise at any point as it prevents the passage of smoke and fire through any gaps in the walls and floors and can retain a fire and the deadly smoke it produces within zonal areas for a period of up to 240 minutes.


As there are many different types of services that need to be connected throughout a building there are in turn many different options and products we can use to ensure compartmentation remains intact in a fire situation. Orestone FP can offer solutions to accommodate every one of these situations and even install these products to allow for building movement, install load bearing products in floors and in some instances even compensate for a poorly constructed fire wall and still achieve the necessary period of fire resistance.  


All our installed fire stopping is thoroughly checked and undergo in depth quality control checks on a regular basis during the installation period on site to not only give our clients value for money but also the piece of mind that they need.


Orestone FP are here to help you find the best solution to all your fire stopping needs.

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