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Diamond drilling is an advanced drilling technique that utilises industrial-grade diamond drill bits to bore smooth, precise holes into reinforced concrete and other hard materials. At Orestone Fire Protection Ltd, we utilise state-of-the-art diamond drilling rigs and equipment to provide superior drilling services for construction and engineering projects across the UK


Our diamond drilling capabilities deliver major benefits for our clients:

  • Precision - Diamond drill bits can cut precise, clean holes with minimal cracking or chipping even in the hardest substances. We can drill holes exactly where and how they are required.

  • Versatility - Diamond drilling can be used on concrete, stone, metals, glass and more. It is ideal for drilling injection ports, coring samples, openings for conduits, or any hole that demands accuracy.

  • Speed - Our powerful diamond drilling rigs can cut through materials faster than other methods, saving significant time on construction projects.

  • Safety - The smooth holes created by diamond drilling radiuses help prevent stress cracks from forming and spreading. The result is a more durable and safer installation.

  • Minimal Impact - Diamond drilling produces very little vibration, noise or dust, making it safer and less invasive for worksites with people, machinery or sensitive materials nearby.

At Orestone Fire Protection Ltd, we combine cutting-edge diamond drilling equipment with extensive operator expertise to deliver precision holes, cores and openings. Our innovative diamond drilling services enable faster, safer construction while minimising disturbance to surrounding structures or operations. Contact us today to discuss how our diamond drilling capabilities can benefit your next construction project.

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