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Intumescent paint can be applied to steelwork either by hand or by sprayed application and depending on whether the steelwork is going to exposed and seen in the future can be applied to provide a smooth decorative finish that can allow the steelwork to become a visible aspect of a buildings design.  We can also offer a topcoating option to give a sheen finish in any RAL colour to further provide additional benefits to using this system. There are many varieties of intumescent paint available in today's market and we are competent applicators of all these products.


Intumescent paint can be used on steelwork to provide up to 240 minutes fire resistance.  The paint needs to be applied precisely by a competent applicator and is applied to thicknesses that vary in range by thousandths of a millimeter to achieve the correct fire rating.  The Orestone FP team have a vast experience in working with intumescent paint and have the knowhow and quality checks in place to ensure that this system is applied correctly. In addition to the visual benefits of using an intumescent paint system, we can suggest certain products that also have water resistant properties to allow the product to be applied in certain conditions when the site is still semi exposed to the elements.  This can allow us to complete our works ahead of the other site trades arriving on site.


Many of the paints available today are solvent-based products that offer a thin film steelwork covering that be applied externally, internally and in semi-exposed conditions with a reduced curing period compared to the water-based products.


We can also offer a wide range of water-based paints to achieve similar levels of protection on the various steel sizes.  These water-based products have a quick drying time and have the added benefit of being able to be applied on site with a significantly lower amount of odour or fumes being emitted from the product during its application and curing, making it a more viable option to be used internally or in a busier site environment.

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