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Our services operate nationwide with offices in Devon, Surrey, and London


At Orestone Fire Protection, we are at the forefront of the passive fire protection industry, proudly serving clients across the UK. With offices in Devon, Surrey, and London, we provide expert services nationwide. We are committed to revolutionising the protection of your structures and assets through innovative solutions. Our dedication to excellence goes beyond fire stopping; we offer a comprehensive suite of services, including Injectaclad, and Diamond Drilling.


Our Expertise:

  • Passive Fire Protection: Orestone Fire Protection specialises in fire stopping to service penetrations in walls and floors, ensuring your structures are fortified against the ravages of fire. We go the extra mile by providing air sealing solutions, bolstering the integrity of your premises.

  • Innovative Solutions: We pride ourselves on offering cutting edge solutions to meet your passive fire protection needs. Our extensive range of boarded systems and sprayed applications are designed to exceed industry standards, offering you peace of mind.

  • Injectaclad: Trust Orestone Fire Protection for Injectaclad services that redefine fireproofing. Our team employs the latest techniques and materials to deliver unmatched results, enhancing fire resistance in your buildings.

  • Diamond Drilling: Our diamond drilling services exemplify precision and efficiency. Trust our expertise to create openings in your structures with flawless accuracy while preserving structural integrity. Additionally, we utilise state of the art Robotic Demolition technology. This cutting edge solution guarantees safety and precision, minimizing disruption to your projects.


At Orestone Fire Protection, we're more than just a passive fire protection company. We're your partners in innovation and safety. Contact us today, and let us demonstrate how our expertise can elevate your passive fire protection strategies to unprecedented levels. Your protection, our passion.



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Orestone Fire Protection provide full certification for all work undertaken which is backed up by our insurance policy.

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